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1. 动词last的现在分
2. China Hyundai dealers seek up to $135 million compensation
3. 在赛场上,绰号Baby的天才逃亡车手(安塞尔?埃尔格特饰)依靠专属的音乐节奏开车而独占鳌头。与梦中女神(莉莉?詹皇饰)邂逅之后,Baby看到了希翼,想与以往不堪的生活断个干干净净。Baby被迫为黑社会老大(凯文?史派西饰)干活,在派给他的最后一单中,危机一触即发。面前是巨大的挑战,对他的生活、爱人和自由来说,形势都岌岌可危……
4. ment补,修-修改
5. An increasing amount of clients are non-Koreans, from China, Japan, the Middle East and even Africa, and ministers believe medical tourism will help boost the Korean economy.
6. What’s more, in recognition of their working on the bizarre properties of matter in extreme states and taking their research all the way down to an atomic scale, the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to three British-born scientists who currently work in the US.


1. What growth dollar exports did see among major trading partners came from shipments to the US, which rose 5.5 per cent year on year to $37.06bn. Exports to South Korea also showed growth of 8.3 per cent to $10.2bn.
2. 发脾气大奖
3. Zhou Qunfei from Lens Technology, the major touchscreen maker, ranks third on the list with a net worth of 45 billion yuan.
4. Video editors likely benefited from the same factors that caused the increase in photography jobs. It stands to reason that this kind of work expands alongside the need for increasingly sophisticated and appealing website designs.
5. 停盘可能对深证综指起到了良好的作用,跌幅达8.22%的深证综指面临自2007年2月27日以来最大单日跌幅。此外根据FastFT的计算,自1996年12月16日中国股市实施10%的每日交易限制以来,今天这个缩短的交易日将列入深证综指第九大单日最大跌幅。
6. [ikstr?v?g?nt]


1. Ellen is a stand-up comedian and is best known for her self titled talk show, which shes hosted since 2003.
2. n. 路费,食物
3. 对家长而言,整天抱着孩子非常费劲,尤其是孩子越来越大、越来越重的时候。
4. The base hopes to keep up public awareness of pandas and the necessity of conservation of their natural habitats while Increasing the wild population by reintroducing individuals into areas in China where populations have declined.
5. 米兰达·兰伯特,《浴室水槽》(Bathroom Sink),RCA Nashville
6. 新年英文祝福语大全Best wishes for the year to come! 恭贺新禧! Good luck in the year ahead! 祝吉星高照! May you come into a good fortune! 恭喜发财! Live long


1. 中国共产党第十九届中央纪律检查委员会第二次全体会议上通过的一项声明称,今年,中国将进一步加强打击腐败的国际合作。
2. 穆迪分析(Moodys Analytics)在报告发布之前表示:“由于大宗商品价格不断下跌,生产者价格仍将处于下行趋势。”
3. 单词succumb 联想记忆:
4. 在纽约市许多公寓楼的大门背后,充斥着居民们不协调的抱怨声。从我的“房地产答疑”(Ask Real Estate)专栏所收到的抱怨信中,大家可以一窥居民们是如何应对生活在拥挤、昂贵的住房中的种种不顺心的。比方说,有个合作公寓的股东被邻居家的老鼠窝吓坏了;有一对父母被禁止将婴儿车推进楼内的电梯;有个租户厨房里的橱柜从墙壁上掉了下来。
5. Academics appear to be more interested in the cryptocurrency than ever before. There were 190 white papers published on bitcoin in 2014, up from 55 in 2013. Authors—amateur or otherwise—have also flocked to bitcoin: 亚马逊 lists 437 books about or involving the term “bitcoin” published in 2014, compared to 143 in 2013. (That is based on a subject search, and thus includes less hard-hitting titles like Bitcoin Bimbo 3: Undercover Cop Science Fiction Erotica.) And sports fans this year may not have been able to ignore the inaugural Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, a college football playoff game between North Carolina State and the University of Central Florida. ESPN quickly convertedBitPay’s $500,000 rights fee for the game into U.S. dollars.
6. adj.


1. This makes China the country with the second most number of universities included in the Global 400 Subjects, according to the QS rankings. This is only after the United States, which has 164 universities included in the Global 400 subjects. The UK comes third at 78 universities.
2. portion
3. 待售房产:一栋带有三间卧室和三间半浴室的河滨当代住宅



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    2020-12-26 23:02:42
  • 国家统计局:中国1-3月社会消费品零售总额同比增长8.3%
    住建部:房地产市场企稳回升 要巩固向好态势
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  • 电动车违规充电起火 房东租客均受罚
    4月份房地产信托发行数量占比50% 创年内最高
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  • 新版个人征信报告将上线 “上午离婚下午买房”成过去
    调控成效显著 8月南京成交新房量仅为7月一半
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  • 北京2月最后一宗地落槌 首创+住总11.9亿底价拿下
    家居龙头仍保持较高增长 包装触底反弹
    2020-12-26 23:02:42
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