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1. Every January for the past decade I have handed out awards for horrible use of language in business. Usually the task amuses me. This year I have found the sheer weight of euphemism, grammatical infelicity, disingenuity and downright ugliness so lowering I have decided to start the 2016 Golden Flannel Awards with something more uplifting: a prize for clarity.
2. 研究人员写到,对于1700年前的中国朝代来说,如果能征服并有效的管理龟兹的话,那么他们就能够控制住西域所有的绿洲城邦。
3. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has made riskier bets than this, though, and he didnt part with much of consequence (Justin Anderson and a fake first-round pick) for a shot at working Noel into a lob-finishing/rim-protecting life as the next Tyson Chandler.
4. 同样跻身2013年全球最贵城市前十名的还有新加坡、苏黎士、巴黎、委内瑞拉首都加拉加斯和日内瓦。
5. People are still looking at old masters for pleasure, if not as lucrative investments. Sotheby’s said 6,000 people visited its Dec. 5 to 9 viewing, compared with the 6,400 who saw its Impressionist and contemporary sales in June. At the lower end of the price scale, many historic paintings do find a market — Christie’s and Sotheby’s day sales of old master paintings on Dec. 9 and 10 had solid-enough selling rates of 67 and 65 percent apiece.
6. 据《泰晤士报》高等教育星期四公布的最新排名,中国的两所大学--香港大学和澳门大学,跻身2016全球大学国际化水平前十名。


1. 此前,跨国房地产经纪机构仲量联行(JLL)的数据显示,2016年全年,中国对外房地产投资额增长了53%,达到创纪录的330亿美金。
2. Tracey and Viv Williams, a British couple, dressed as the green cartoon ogres from Shrek at their wedding held recently. Tracy, 33, made a lovely Princess Fion
3. These molds turn regular fruits into fun shapes.
4. The group’s leader, Wang Rongzhen, told Reuters on Wednesday that the automaker has scaled back the range of models it supplies to dealers in Hyundai imports in China, only consistently supplying one model, while steadily increasing car manufacturing in China.
5. “Given the unfavourable reaction to the August depreciation, we think any further depreciation will not take place soon,” said Louis Kuijs, an economist at Oxford Economics based in Hong Kong. “In our view the October trade data keep pressure on [the government] for more domestic easing.”
6. 添加一些个性元素。把自己家人的照片或东西放在桌子上可以提醒你为什么你要努力工作。


1. In the MBA ranking, LBS, Insead and Spain’s IE Business School are bunched together with only a few dollars between them. Insead has the top salary at $155,015.
2. Prof Cusumano sees all this as evidence that the company is opening up more, including in allowing developers to customise more of its iOS software.
3. Total Program Cost: $98,906
4. 单词celebrity 联想记忆:
5. 今年27岁的黑人安娜(Ana Beatriz Ferreira)是里约的一名看车员,她说:“门票那么贵,当然只有白人才买得起,进去看球怎么可能轮到我?”
6. 担忧和愤怒要深刻得多,也更不吸引人。


1. Tech giant Tencents founder Pony Ma topped the list, with a fortune of 279 billion yuan, followed by 阿里巴巴s Jack Ma, and Evergrande Groups Xu Jiayin, with their personal worth reaching 260 billion yuan, and 229 billion yuan, respectively.
2. 奥巴马的另两条上榜推文是在他卸任时发布的。
3. 10月1日
4. 今年11月,我国网约车司机将须通过考试获得从业资格证。
5. 5.卡特彼勒
6. 9) I would rather keep people at a distance 0 1 2 3 4


1. Chen Lihua, 75, founder of Fu Wah International Group, a company engaged in real estate development, has become Chinas richest woman with a net worth totaling 50.5 billion yuan, according to the report Richest Women in China 2016 released by Hurun Research Institution.
2. 上周六,土耳其外交部长被禁止入境荷兰参加为埃尔多安宪法改革争取支撑的拉票活动,两国间这场外交风波由此开始。全副武装的荷兰警方还在土耳其另一位部长法蒂玛?贝图?萨扬?卡亚(Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya)前往鹿特丹的集会途中将其拦下,并护送至荷德边境。
3. Search giant 谷歌 has replaced 苹果 makers Apple to be the worlds most valuable company in the Brand Finances Global 500 2017 report.



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    陶瓷卫浴产品不合格率降低 行业标准化待完善
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  • 2020年电泳涂料市场将达36.9亿美金
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  • 统计显示:一线城市商品房价格总体稳定 二线城市有所上涨
    机构:上半年一线城市新房热度下行 西安、重庆等中西部城市上升
    2021-01-16 04:44:35
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    Faber laughs at Bernankes remark that the economy would be strong enough later this year so he could take his foot off the gas, that is begin tapering, or scaling back its stimulative quantitative easing (QE) program later this year. Yes, laughed.

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    The ground-breaking discoveries in physics, have ignited a firestorm of research, and it’s only a matter of time before their research leads to advances as unimaginable to us now as lasers and computer chips were a hundred years ago, Laura H. Greene, president-elect of the American Physical Society told The New York Times.

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    The mega-retailer didnt have a whole lot to complain about in fiscal 2010. Profits were up and, thanks to its sales, the company once again climbed to the top of the Fortune 500. Same-store sales were about flat for the year, but compared with Targets 2.5% decline, flat is good. Most remarkable was Wal-Marts image overhaul. It helped that former CEO Lee Scott beefed up health care coverage for employees, thought more about the environment and became a public presence. Certain critics will never be placated and fiscal first-quarter results werent the greatest. But theres no denying Scott left new CEO Mike Duke a company in fighting form.

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    他还表示“包括现代汽车(Hyundai Motor)和爱茉莉太平洋(AmorePacific)在内,几乎每家韩国大企业都严重依赖对华销售。”

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    Heavy air pollution from Beijing, which saw its worst bout of smog in recent history in January, to Shanghai, where pollution levels went off the charts in December, certainly dont do much to help attract tourists.



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