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1. The real Irving is named Mel Weinberg, and he and his mistress were in fact enlisted by the FBI to oust eight elected officials for taking bribes. Just like the film, Weinberg and the FBI developed an elaborate con to catch the corrupt politicians in the act. Weinberg did end up forming a friendship with one of the officials, although unlike in the film, his final immunity deal didnt protect the friend he helped implicate. Some things are just too far-fetched, even for a career criminal.
2. Two against-the-clock tours of Los Angeles. Two celebrations of the sometimes prickly solidarity among women. Four tremendous performances, from Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, Julia Garner and the great Lily Tomlin. “Grandma” is the work of a studio veteran. “Tangerine” was shot on 苹果s. Anyone prone to lamenting the death of movies needs to shut up and watch these.
3. 9. The brain literally starts eating itself when it doesnt get enough sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation causes the clearing process that usually happens when we sleep to kick into hyperdrive, prompting the brain to clear a huge amount of neurons and synaptic connections away.
4. Those trade flows, published by the General Administration of Customs, resulted in China’s trade surplus rising than $2bn to $40.2bn, surpassing October’s revised figure of $38.2bn and well ahead of September’s revised six-month low of $28.6b. November’s trade surplus was also ahead of the $35bn forecast by economists.
5. 《警察故事》(Babylon),Sundance,周四播出。詹皇·内斯比特(Jame Nesbitt)最近在《失踪》(The Missing)中出演了一个孩子失踪多年、备受折磨的父亲,他在这部剧中饰演的是完全不同的角色:一个斤斤计较的老派警官,雇用一个美国公关专家(布里特·马灵[Brit Marling]饰),来改善苏格兰场的形象。这部讽刺剧集由《贫民窟的百万富翁》(Slumdog Millionaire)的导演丹尼·博伊尔(Danny Boyle)执导,有点像阿尔曼多·伊安努奇(Armando Iannucci)的政治喜剧片《灵通人士》(In the Loop)。
6. 根据Interbrand2016年全球最佳品牌报告显示,该榜单的前十名还包括MicroSoft、丰田汽车企业、IBM、SAMSUNG电子有限企业、AMAZON、梅塞德斯-奔驰和通用电气企业。


1. 4. Stop eating, gotta get those cheekbone sharp enough to cut butter.
2. 卢彦说,该工程也包括建造连结北京市中心与通州的基础设施建设、下水道与污水处理和建造能源设备。随着建设环球影城主题公园和国家大剧院的训练设施的落成,学问工程将会提供更多的就业机会。
3. 201505/375574.shtml
4. It is the first time in five years that a single programme broke into the top five, so strong was the hold of the main five global EMBAs.
5. As of mid-July, there were about 50,000 stores running on Bigcommerce, which have collectively sold close to $4 billon using the platform. The developer has typically added new customers one-by-one. However, a deal it struck in early July with eBay positions its service as the preferred migration path for two Magento products that will be discontinued in February 2015, Go and ProStores. Bigcommerce previously migrated more than 5,000 merchants off ProStores, and the deal could potentially bring up to 10,000 more.
6. 当然,也有一些不那么乐观的消息。随着油价趋稳并随后下跌后,电动汽车的销量马上就开始受到拖累。铃木汽车(Suzuki)在美国市场上日渐式微,同时沃尔沃(Volvo)看起来也还是无力回天。中国——现在已是全球最大的汽车市场——的销售开始放缓,而欧洲依然在衰退中泥足深陷,汽车业产能过剩的根本性问题还是无法解决。


1. This will bring in some money and help you make connections, Frederickson says. It can also help you polish skills that you can lose while out of work: "being fast, multitasking, answering questions quickly and succinctly."
2. 4. 外包就业服务
3. 但是在对遗骸进行分析后,研究人员发现这些坟墓被重复利用了多次。有些坟墓中包括有10多个的死者,多次的重复埋葬有待于进一步的研究,研究人员写到。
4. 美式快餐发源企业、《财富》美国500强企业麦当劳(McDonalds))上周四宣布,它将用200亿美金进行股票回购和派发股息,由此加入了过去18个月企业界的股票回购浪潮。
5. 现年60岁的罗斯是位于波士顿的哈佛大学的教授,而89岁的沙普利是美国加州大学洛杉矶分校的教授。
6. 特斯拉(Tesla) Model 3s的产量会超过25万辆吗?


1. 1896年,美国首任总统的夫人玛莎·华盛顿的画像印在一美金银圆券上,此后美金纸币上再没有出现过女性画像。
2. 你本应该享受生活,不该时时刻刻感到压力。如果你的大部分时间都在为工作的是感到压力很大,说明你没有得到一份好的工作。
3. Plenty of dark clouds loom over the U.S. job market -- particularly the potential double-punch of tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff.[qh]
4. Best chances: Its always hard to bet against Streep getting a best actress nomination, and Hanks is overdue for an acting nomination after missing out in recent years.
5. With the compliments of the season.
6. Trium jumped three places to overtake the joint programme taught by Kellogg School of Management near Chicago and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which had been top of the ranking for five years. It is the first time Trium has headed the ranking and it is only the fourth programme to do so in 14 years.


1. “I thought teaching wasn’t a proper career option. My teacher said I’d need to have a high boredom threshold if I wanted to become a teacher,” he recalls.
2. 周二在上海举办的中国国际机器人产业发展高峰论坛称,2017年,工业机器人的销量和增速均创新高。在这些工业机器人当中,有37825台为国产制造,同比增长29.8%。
3. Dachis says: The end of year 苹果 5 and iPad Mini releases overcame early controversies in overseas manufacturing and any lingering effects from the death of Steve Jobs to make Apple the biggest mover of the year.



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