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1. Yet disparities were clear among sectors and companies.
2. 《大家这一天/大家的生活》
3. 6. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之文学奖
4. 科派斯塔克说,人们对经济紧缩和欧元稳定的忧虑使得过去一年欧元区城市的生活成本指数降低了,而加拉加斯能跻身前20则是由于人为的高汇率管制。
5. Whole Foods CEO John Mackey
6. House prices in China continue to fall as investors shift focus from the property market into equities.


1. Thousands of supporters awaited Rossello’s arrival for the post-swearing-in inauguration ceremony at the island’s seaside Capitol building, clutching umbrellas to protect themselves from a searing sun.
2. 12月工业利润下滑突显出中国工业面临的产能过剩和价格下跌的困扰,这加大了中国政府放松货币政策并扩大基础设施支出,以缓和经济放缓影响的压力。
3. 新兴市场需求减弱使2015年成为全球金融危机爆发以来世界贸易最糟糕的一年,凸显出对于全球经济健康的担忧加深。
4. 由施普林格自然集团出版的杂志《肿瘤生物学》上周宣布,调查显示,这107篇论文的同行评审过程存在问题,因此已被撤稿。
5. A sequel to X Men: Days of Future Past, the latest instalment in the X Men series will see them fight the villain Apocalypse. The movie might see the return of a few older characters and a lot of new ones. We dont really know anymore than that, but it is going to be one amazing film, thats for sure.
6. 豆瓣网友“Shiweitian”表示:“为什么电视剧里的奴隶们都穿着白色衣服,看上去和仙女一样?还有,她们跑的比马还快,这合理吗?”


1. 卓越雇主排名:59
2. 他还表示“包括现代汽车(Hyundai Motor)和爱茉莉太平洋(AmorePacific)在内,几乎每家韩国大企业都严重依赖对华销售。”
3. 10. How to find IP address
4. re再+membr[=member]记得+ance→回忆;记忆力
5. 冲击奖项:很难相信斯特里普得不到最佳女主角提名,而汉克斯在销声匿迹几年后,早该获得一项表演类提名了。
6. Technology is hardly a brand new phenomenon in the legal world — many firms now have partnerships with AI and machine-learning businesses, while some have set up their own “incubators” or invested in lawtech start-ups. But the trend has reached critical mass and will accelerate sharply in 2018.


1. With the right tools in place, you’ll find yourself more productive and efficient.
2. According to local media, the gang, based in Nanning, the capital city of south Chinas Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, was able to make up to 16,000 yuan (£1,750) profit on every tonne of the putrid meat, by injecting it with chemicals, increasing its weight by 50 per cent.
3. CANCER: THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES (PBS, March 30) Barak Goodman (“Scottsboro: An American Tragedy,” “My Lai”) is the director and Ken Burns is an executive producer of this six-hour series based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer” by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee.
4. adj. 社团的,法人的,共同的,全体的
5. [rif?:m]
6. However, significantly fewer women (59 per cent) occupy positions as department heads or above than men (68 per cent) three years after graduation.


1. Ronaldos monster pay-packet was the result of his eye-watering pound 38.5 million-a-year salary with Spanish giants Real Madrid and endorsement deals with the likes of Nike, watchmaker Tag Heuer and nutrition supplements group Herbalife - themselves worth pound 22 million.
2. 中国几乎所有的黄金都用于满足国内需求,因为中国不允许企业出口黄金。
3. The very best bosses I’ve seen are passionate about their work; they live and breathe their jobs and strive to do the best work possible. Yet at the same time, they have lives outside of work. They understand the need to balance family and work or play and work. And they set a good example of how to do that for their employees。



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    家居建材市场破局 各显神通开辟新渠道
    2021-01-16 15:54:39
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    2021-01-26 15:54:39
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    公积金政策接连放宽 业内:刺激住房消费积极入市
    2021-01-10 15:54:39
  • 任志强再表达房地产前景不乐观 房产投资下滑
    北京新颁五项排放标准 家具制造业成重灾区
    2021-01-23 15:54:39
  • 群众少跑腿!杭州西湖区试点35项人社业务就近办
    积极囤钱谨慎囤地 房企进入“过冬模式”
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  • 家居市场进入淡季 众卖场齐齐搞促销
    春节期间多地楼市降温 上海楼市堪称最冷
    2021-01-13 15:54:39
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    Glazer surely took something, again, from Kubrick, especially in the scene in which his alien is born in some dimensionless otherworld. He took something from Nic Roeg and The Man Who Fell to Earth and a little, perhaps, from David Lynch – of which, more in a moment. But alongside the sci-fi exoticism he brought the grit and sinew of contemporary realism, calling to mind the work of film-makers like Ken Loach, or even Abbas Kiarostami and the opening of his The Taste of Cherry, in which a desperately unhappy man drives around the itinerant labour markets of Teheran looking for someone to help him. These fantastic alien forms are scuffed with ordinariness and even bathos. The scene in which the alien uncomprehendingly watches Tommy Cooper on television is a masterpiece of tonal suspense.

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    Few of the Feds forecasts have proceeded according to plan over the course of the sharp economic downturn and choppy recovery, a fact that Fed officials now openly acknowledge. We have been disappointed in the pace of growth, and we dont fully understand why, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said at his final news conference last month.

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    Nine out of the top 10 have all worked with Victorias Secret in some capacity, with curve model Ashley being the only exception.

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    Thats particularly striking in Brazil, with its highly mixed population that has more blacks than any country with the exception of Nigeria. More than half of Brazils population self-identified themselves as black or of mixed-race in the 2010 census.

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    5. Life is like a coffee table: it’s got tea sets and dinnerware all over it. (beiju, 杯具, is a homophone for tragedy, 悲剧, and dinnerware, canju, 餐具, a homophone for disaster, 惨剧).



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