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1. 《善地》
2. [ent?praiz]
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4. There is still tremendous untapped potential in China-Russia economic and trade ties and the two economies are highly complementary. The goals set for the two-way trade can be achieved.
5. But as economic growth slows in China, institutional investors from further afield say the city’s property market has overheated and is entering a correctional phase.
6. adj. 有效的,有影响的


1. I once had an advisor that said to me when I expressed fear of a difficult class, "Do you want to get an education or not?"
2. Lady Gaga凭她的非营利性的天生如此的慈善基金会名列第四名。
3. The average value of the household appliance sector soared 74 percent, showing the biggest increase among top 10 sectors. E-commerce and retail followed, with their value up 69 percent. The medical health care sector climbed up 32 percent. The financial service sector increased 18 percent and the alcohol sector rose 17 percent. Real estate gained 15 percent and food and drinks were up 11 percent.
4. China’s tourism administration issued a notice on Friday confirming reports that Chinese travellers had been denied entry to South Korea’s Jeju island in recent months for holding incomplete travel documentation. It reminded citizens to “select travel destinations with caution”.
5. 不要告诉我,你一定要得到这份工作,不然你就要失去你的房子,你的孩子会食不果腹,你的母亲得了癌症等等。企业不是慈善机构。
6. 3. Feng Shui


1. 今年,科学家们研究了对冲突表现出愤怒、拖延的消极策略,他们发现,久而久之这些反应会以某些特定方式预示与健康相关的变化。
2. 7.Do not ask a policeman the best way to get to the West End or how to use an Oyster card. He wants to help, but hes from the West Midlands.
3. 统计数据显示,在2009年之前,全球研发支出以每年约7%的速度增长,但在2014年放缓了4%。
4. He was under the impression people clicking on the adverts would earn him money. But instead he was charged every time someone clicked on the link.
5. 2015年期间,难民源源不断涌入希腊、保加利亚、意大利,西班牙、马耳他和塞浦路斯,其中绝大多数,超过80万人是经海路抵达希腊的,大约3600人在横穿北非和意大利间的地中海危险旅途中丧生或失踪。
6. London Business School is top of the 2014 FT ranking of European business schools, regaining the position it last held in 2005. LBS pushed the 2013 joint winners HEC Paris and Spain’s IE Business School into second and third places respectively.


1. 8. 杰西卡?戈麦斯
2. [regju.leit,regjuleit]
3. 作为2014年资本计划的一部分内容,这家总部位于加州旧金山的银行表示将把股票回购量增加3.50亿股,总额达到近170亿美金。它还将派息提高约17%,达到了每股0.35美金。
4. 乔布斯在苹果大会上作专题演讲后展示MacBook Air ,2008年,1月15日,旧金山
5. If the oldest man ever elected president can “tweet like a kindergartner,” why not flip the script and see if a youngster can be elected to office and govern wisely?
6. It was all work, work, work for the BBC Culture team and parties, alas, were few and far between. But the rest of Cannes was painting the town red. In 2013 we tried to calculate the amount of champagne consumed at the festival by contacting Piper Heidsieck, “the official drink” of the festival, but they declined to comment – though judging by the merry faces and staggering gaits of some on the Croisette, its safe to assume a colossal quantity. At the party for Matteo Garrones Tale of Tales on the first weekend, the champers flowed freely and the revellers stayed on until the early hours. When the BBCs Rebecca Laurence spoke to one of its stars the following morning and asked how many hours sleep hed had before their interview, he simply narrowed his bleary eyes and held up two fingers.


1. The slower acceleration also tracks with trends in real estate investment, which felt a (slight) bite from property purchasing curbs in top-tier cities last month as nation-wide sales also decelerated in both volume and value terms.
2. 5) I’ve Got Your Back: We’ve all made big mistakes. In those times, step in with a reassurance: “I’m not judging you. You’re going to get through this. You’re not alone. We’ll figure this out together. It’s going to be OK.”
3. Airbnb Showdown



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