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1. If a child on the street who has nothing, is willing to share, why are we who have everyting still so greedy? 如果一个孩子在自己一无所有的时候都能愿意分享,为什么拥有一切的大人却如此贪婪?
2. 怎样写简历?
3. 当支撑者在周一早些时候涌向总督大楼,一人高喊,"今天,新的波多黎各开始了!" 随着其他人的欢呼,包括那些拿着美国国旗的群众。
4. The registered urban unemployment rate stood at 4.02 percent at year-end 2016, the lowest level in years.
5. 7. Trust will remain the single most critical business issue.
6. 以下是CareerCast公布的完整榜单:


1. Misrepresenting your credentials or intentionally plagiarizing, lying on time sheets or billable hours, misusing expense accounts or abusing company credit cards, stealing the kudos for a co-workers accomplishments, or otherwise robbing your employers blind can all cost you your job.
2. sen年老+ior表形容词,“较…的”→年长的
3. Local-level work experience will advantageous for applicants, with personnel with more than two years of experience at this level given some advantage.
4. 清华大学是国内表现最好的大学,有三项学科的排名进入全球前10。北京大学则是有两项学科排名挤入前十。就清华大学而言,建筑/建成环境和土木/结构工程学均排名第8,材料科学排名第10。
5. 德国
6. 2.告诉你的朋友在国际足联世界杯期间无论如何也不要忙着生孩子、结婚或办丧事,因为大家是不会去的。


1. 单词vigilance 联想记忆:
2. 大家的前路应有尽有,大家的前路一无所有……
3. intentionally
4. 达洛伊西奥的父母从澳大利亚搬到英国,他的父亲卢(Lou)曾在英国石油(BP)和摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)工作,而母亲戴安娜(Diana)是一位企业律师,同时也是儿子的合同代表。他们向来都知道达洛伊西奥是一个非常好学的孩子。但戴安娜说因为他是长子,他们本以为他不会做出什么超出寻常的事情来(达洛伊西奥有一个14岁的弟弟)。他们强调,尽管达洛伊西奥成就非凡,尽管他聊天时会聊起马尔科夫模型(Markov models)和随机过程(stochastic processes),他仍只是一个再普通不过的孩子。戴安娜说,他周末仍要出去玩,仍要去参加派对。他还有个女朋友。17岁孩子会做的事情,他都会做。
5. 有5个项目首次登上“无工作经验要求”项目排行榜。其中,排名最高的是新加坡管理大学(Singapore Management University)李光前商学院(Lee Kong Chian School of Business)。该学院在毕业生国际流动性方面排名第二,而且是首所同时登上“无工作经验要求”和“有工作经验要求”排行榜的学院。
6. The remarks by Recep Tayyip Erdogan come less than 24 hours before Dutch voters go to the polls in a national election that has been coloured by a heated debate about the role of Islam in Dutch society, spurred by anti-Islam candidate Geert Wilders. Mr Wilders’ Freedom party (PVV) is polling second in the race.


1. 其他在定制课程排名中表现突出的学校包括哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School),该院取得了今年最大幅度的排名攀升,上升9位至第5名。两年前,这所位于马萨诸塞州的学院还排在第18位。
2. The world’s 100 biggest brands still command a significant premium over others and that value increased by 3 per cent to $3.4tn this year, according to the latest BrandZ rankings compiled by Millward Brown, the research agency.
3. [s?ul]
4. Chinese growth figures have long been known to be artificially smooth, but now the economy is easily the world’s largest on purchasing power exchange rates, the statistical massages have wider consequences.
5. 大力推进社会体制改革。
6. 40万美金对于他们来说可谓九牛一毛——2015年,希拉里和她的丈夫比尔?克林顿主要通过演讲和版税收入赚得了1060万美金,川普也声称自己赚得将近5600万美金。


1. 6. Ipoh, Malaysia-Around 200 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur, the former British colonial city is now a foodie destination, where local street food and boutique cafes around.
2. stress
3. Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry said he has visited China every year since 2013 and the fans there are incredibly supportive.



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    房地产税将按评估值征收 但落地仍有重重挑战
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    楼市新政首周 北上广深一线城市销量同比涨51.4%
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    The company is hardly alone in its efforts to woo talent of a different sort. Earlier this year Intel announced a collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, or CFDA, kicking off a partnership with the high-concept retailer Opening Ceremony to design its smart bracelet. Tory Burch partnered with Fitbit to design pendants and bracelets akin to the Shine Tracker by Misfit Wearables. And Apple AAPL -1.03% has tapped a diverse group of people, including former Burberry chief executive Angela Ahrendts (to lead its retail efforts), former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve, and former Nike NKE -0.71% design director Ben Shaffer.

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    There should be no more arbitrary use of government power and that requires that the government must no longer overreach itself and we must eliminate any possible room for rent-seeking behaviors. This reform must be persistently pursued by the central government and all local governments at varies levels.

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    In being named CEO, Mary Barra broke through several historical barriers in moving from GMs third-most powerful executive position to its first. Her job was made both easier by the appointment of a non-executive chairman to handle the board of directors, and more difficult by the decision to give her old job to one of her rivals. As the first product engineer to head the company in two decades, she will be deluged with suggestions about everything from air conditioning vents in new pickups to the future of brands like Buick and Chevrolet.

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