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1. THE BRIDGE (Hulu, Friday) The second season of this Danish-Swedish crime drama (the source for FX’s recently canceled series of the same name) once again involves the Oresund Bridge connecting the two countries.
2. Staffing
3. 白人焦虑推动了今年的西方政治动荡:英国令人震惊地投票决定退出欧盟,美国的唐纳德?J?川普(Donald J. Trump)出人意料地获得了共和党的总统提名,挪威、匈牙利、奥地利和希腊的右翼民族主义崛起。
4. "The articles were submitted with reviewer suggestions, which had real researcher names but fabricated email addresses," Peter Butler, editorial director for cell biology and biochemistry at Springer Nature, told Shanghai-based news website The Paper.
5. 脸书 CEO Mark Zuckerberg
6. For now, DAloisio isnt touching the money. Im too young to appreciate the value of it, he insists. I dont have a mortgage, Im 17. To me, a hundred pounds is a lot. Take that as a benchmark. Though hes not allowed to comment on Summlys sale price, when pressed he allows that he might one day like to deploy his newfound riches as an angel investor. No one around him seems to think theres a danger that the money will ruin him or that hell be tempted to spend the rest of his life dissipating on a beach. Hes pretty well grounded. You wouldnt believe how frugal he is, says Diane. Hes got a great engine, says Lou. He wont stop at this.


1. 3. 《聚焦》(Spotlight),导演:汤姆·麦卡锡(Tom McCarthy)。
2. 惊慌随之而来,不过这名少年很快镇定下来,他决定把控局面,寻找逃生出路。
3. charitable
4. The first chart shows the total incidence of banking, currency and debt default crises in emerging markets since the 1970s, set against the nominal federal funds rate. Mr Koepke gives this as evidence that high and rising rates typically precede periods of EM crisis.
5. The strategy of Four comprehensives: Comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively driving reform to a deeper level, comprehensively governing the country in accordance with the law, and comprehensively enforcing strict Party discipline
6. Apple CEO Steve Jobs poses with the new 苹果 4 during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California in this June 7, 2010


1. Holly Hunter reportedly keeps her best actress award, which she won for her portrayal of Ada McGrath in the 1994 New Zealand film, The Piano, at the New York offices of Joel and Ethan Coen. It sits alongside the statue Frances McDormand won for her role as the heavily-pregnant local police chief with the insatiable appetite, Marge Gunderson, in the Coens’ 1996 film Fargo.
2. 交通银行首席经济学家连平表示,不断上涨的生产者物价可能会在较长的时间内推高消费价格。
3. 亚洲的商界女性在崛起:整个亚洲地区在榜单上的表现都非常抢眼,从中国和新加坡到新西兰和泰国,都能找到女强人的身影。亚洲的女性企业家群体正在崛起,例如张欣(排名第50)、孙亚芳(排名第77)和周凯旋(排名第80)。在政界,亚洲女性也在施展自己的抱负,例如新上榜的韩国总统朴槿惠(排名第11),缅甸反对派领袖、国会议员昂山素季(排名第29),澳大利亚总理茱莉亚·杰拉德(排名第28),以及泰国总理英拉·西那瓦(排名第31)。
4. 几乎所有的创业者(93%)都将获得新技能列为自己决定读EMBA的重要或非常重要的因素。“我知道自身技能的价值,而不必‘担心’没有工作,”其中一位创业者说。
5. 4.意大利威尼斯
6. 我曾见过的超级优秀的老板们,都对他们的工作极具热情,他们同工作共生活共呼吸,尽最大努力将工作做到最好。与此同时,他们还有工作之外的生活。他们懂得家庭和工作或者玩和工作之间的平衡度。他们为员工们如何做到生活和工作之间平衡做了一个很好的表率。


1. Analysts believe the launch will help Apple to overcome its growth problem of the last two years. In markets such as America and Europe, where smartphone ownership is close to saturation and many customers are holding on to their existing handsets for longer, the best way to drive faster revenue growth is by charging more for each device, rather than simply relying on unit growth.
2. This sign varies from company to company. You must keep in mind that we are in a recession and if sales are down but the company isnt in jeopardy, this sign may not apply to you. However, if business is down to the point where it looks like the company is going to go under, start looking for a new job NOW! (See also: 20 Signs that a Pink Slip is Coming)
3. 2016年,大家看到很多新设备加入互联网(不幸的是,大家也看到他们被黑客打倒了大片)。从家用电器到服装,企业很想出售一些能使你的生活“智能化”的产品,但有时反而会欲速不达。让大家来回顾在过去的一年里出现的一些最荒谬和最无用的互联网连接设备。
4. “An employee left a sticky note saying that he was quitting.”
5. The first thing you must understand about personality types is that they have nothing to do with genes. This means that if you have a Type D personality then this doesnt mean that you cant change it. Also, the quiz doesnt mean that the result of the quiz determines your destiny. According to psychology, any personality trait can be changed.
6. The awards returned Ms. Lawrence, a winner last year for Russells Silver Linings Playbook, to the stage for an acceptance speech-something she said was no easier a year later.


1. 中国房价在今年初曾以9.6%的同比增速快速上涨,但此后随着经济放缓以及很多中等规模城市遭遇房产供应过剩,房价一直在下跌。
2. 6.You Spend Time Looking For Other Jobs
3. WTF.1: Next Level of Working Moms



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