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1. This includes McKinsey, the consultancy that kick-started its secretive leadership election process in October with a gathering of more than 500 senior partners at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. The next stage involves the firm’s 550 senior partners voting on a shortlist of candidates to replace Dominic Barton — the incumbent since 2009 — in January, followed by a run-off between the two most popular candidates in February.
2. Rated 6.4 points out of 10 on the review website, some users said the drama focused too much on romance.
3. Now the burden is on Noel to prove that hes capable of being more than the shell of a player he often looked like amidst the Sixers disarray.
4. The malaise was not confined to those picking individual stock winners. Through December 1, aggregate hedge fund returns trailed the market to the point of farce. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, hedge funds were up an average of 2% on the year, just barely offering the coupon rate of a risk-free 10-year Treasury note. Over 1,000 funds are on track to close down in 2014, the worst year for liquidations since 2009.
5. A·O·斯科特
6. Ranked fourth with 15.27 million visitors, Dubai "made a quantum leap to become the global top-ranked" in visitor spending, the report says.


1. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
2. 安娜来自一个黑帮家庭,她的发型有时搭配大墨镜或阿玛尼大翻领军装式风衣,既能点明她的社会阶层,又有严肃的威慑力。
3. One of the designers most important companions in later life was his Birman cat Choupette, who he has called his one true love and said he would marry if it were legal.
4. 由西班牙IQS商学院、台湾辅仁大学(Fu Jen Catholic University)和旧金山大学(University of San Francisco)三家合办的管理学硕士项目排名升幅最大。其全球创业管理硕士项目的排名上升34位,至第43位,逆转了去年下滑19名的势头。这是唯一一个在三大洲授课的项目,其在国际课程体验方面排名第一。
5. 通过药物注射传播艾滋病病毒的情况已得到有效控制。2017年,经注射吸毒感染者的人数相比2012年下降44.5%。
6. 与亨特相反,在《钢琴课》中与亨特联合主演的安娜·帕奎因(Anna Paquin),她的小金人似乎居无定所,游荡在她装袜子的抽屉和放靴子的地板之间。


1. 在香港最繁忙地带之一湾仔(Wan Chai)的中心,坐落着一幢30多层的写字楼。今年早些时候,这幢大楼的易手使其成为世界最贵楼市香港的第二贵地产项目。
2. The housing slump has cut demand for iron ore, energy and other commodities. Higher global supplies have exacerbated the gap between supply and demand and pushed raw materials prices lower. This dynamic is not expected to change in the near term despite measures such as the interest rate cut in November.
3. 达奇斯说:三菱每况愈下。低销售量使得企业作出决定,退出欧洲市场。如果负面的讨论可以看成是失败的迹象,那么企业在2013年看上去也不会有多好。
4. 日本央行会收紧货币政策吗?
5. But shipments to other destinations fared far worse, particularly those to re-exporter Hong Kong, which saw the dollar value of exports from China contract 26.3 per cent year on year to $33.84bn. Shipments to EU countries also fell 4.7 per cent to $33.5bn, while those to Japan dropped 5.5 per cent to $11.27bn.
6. “失业”是金融类最热门的搜索项,其次是“华尔街企业”和“产品召回”。


1. It is already illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, religion, age, or disability. But a majority of states still dont provide protection to LGBT individuals in the workplace. Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) CEO Tim Cook wants to put an end to this discrepancy. In a November Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled "Workplace Equality Is Good for Business," Cook urged the passing of a federal law to protect workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation.
2. 大家将尚未生长成型的水果放进模子里。
3. The United States ranks No. 7 overall. The country with the largest economy in the world is also considered the most powerful. It ranks No. 3 in Entrepreneurship and No. 3 in Cultural Influence, as well.
4. 一名11岁的女学生因发明了一个快速、低价测试铅污染水的方法,而被誉为“美国顶尖青年科学家”。
5. 他说,我写的稿子影响着社区人们的生活。
6. [k?ngr?tju.leit]


1. As for China, lack or stopped development represents the biggest risk for this country. So it is essential that we maintain steady medium-high growth of our economy and that in itself is China’s contribution to global stability.
2. 哈佛大学位居榜首,紧随其后的是麻省理工学院和斯坦福大学。
3. 当然大家不可能列举出所有女性,这个榜单的评选范围仅限于那些名气较大的女星。下面就让大家来见识一下这些热辣美女吧。



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