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1. 周三,北京市市委宣布,计划将绝大部分的北京市政府部门在2017年迁至通州区。
2. 但3D版吉祥猴的形象却未能避开炮击,挑剔的网友纷纷吐槽:“这让我想起红绿灯!”;“水墨画的精髓全然不见”;“耳朵下面的两个球是什么呀,太抢镜了……”;“已被它丑哭。”
3. prime
4. 今年最佳的季中交易早已发生了:
5. If you have been out of work for a long time, it may be time to consider taking a job you wouldnt have looked at before.
6. The awards returned Ms. Lawrence, a winner last year for Russells Silver Linings Playbook, to the stage for an acceptance speech-something she said was no easier a year later.


1. Best Companies rank: 68
2. A private reading on Chinas manufacturing sector suggests the slowdown continued last month but that conditions had not worsened as much as in October. The Caixin-sponsored preliminary manufacturing PMI was 48.6 in November, versus expectations of 48.3. It had been 48.3 in October.
3. 6. Ipoh, Malaysia-Around 200 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur, the former British colonial city is now a foodie destination, where local street food and boutique cafes around.
4. 2015年,欧盟仅提起了12起反倾销案,较前一年减少了2起。
5. 第一种看法是,油价本质上具有周期性。下跌之后必然会回升。这道波谷越深,下一个山峰就越高。
6. There was no immediate word from the Romney camp on the reported results。


1. Libby把这首歌放在了YouTube频道的评论部分,我把它摘过来了。我将大量的可爱的表述和英式的俚语都用不同颜色区分开了。你能猜出其中的意思吗?“OMG”表带什么意思?
2. 目前已经得到证实的是,胡歌将会加盟该影片,继续出演主角“李逍遥”,而女主角的扮演者暂时还未透露。
3. 娱乐时尚:性感林赛罗韩大"血拼"
4. 请做好准备随时当他的救世主。
5. 8.Wheel Skates
6. Star risers


1. strictly
2. 2=neutral
3. 汇丰银行经济学家屈宏斌表示,汇丰银行的调查结果表明中国制造业正在失去增长势头,预计中国政府会采取措施对抗经济放缓。
4. 感谢和凯尔特人的选秀权交换,他们没有理由摆烂。他们或许会从参选球员中选到一个最佳安慰奖以推动球队前行。
5. An 苹果 displays an image of Steve Jobs as it sits with a memorial to the Apple founder and former CEO outside an Apple Store, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 in New York. Jobs passed away Wednesday at the age of 56
6. 《好时光》


1. adj. 创造性的
2. Over 10- and 20-year stretches, geographic and asset class diversification have proven beneficial for returns and risk management. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed to see the benefits of such a strategy during any 12-month period. In an era of 140-character writing and two-minute video, should we be surprised that investors have trouble judging the success of their portfolios over long periods?
3. [?unip]



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