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1. Others will look for ways to use tech to help people spend less time online. Tristan Harris, a former 谷歌 employee, is building a following for his Time Well Spent movement, tackling what it describes as the “digital attention crisis” by encouraging designers to understand the subtle psychological forces they control. Tim Kendall, formerly of Pinterest and 脸书, is reported by Recode to have plans for a start-up focused on fighting device addictions.
2. But closing the deal on RCEP less than a year after Donald Trump pulled the US out of the TPP would be a big win for Beijing.
3. But the impact of corporate stinginess can go beyond simply ruining employees’ lunar new year holiday, possibly coming back to bite employers: 39 per cent of respondents said they would look for work elsewhere if their year-end bonus was not up to snuff, an increase of 2.3 percentage points from 2015.
4. Experts waited until dark had fallen before detonating demolition charges which brought down 150000 square metres of concrete glass and steel in 10 seconds.
5. 愿快乐幸福永伴你左右。
6. 而90后微信用户数量则略有下降,从94.1%跌到了86.6%。


1. 小贝现身纽约时装周 为凯特选嫁衣?
2. 民主党能在中期选举中重新夺回美国众议院多数党地位吗?
3. Upgrades to the countrys industrial structure in which labor-intensive industries are being moved out of metropolitan areas contributed greatly to the demographic change, Peng Xizhe, dean of the School of Social Development and Public Policy at Shanghai-based Fudan University, told the Global Times on Tuesday.
4. But when he gave us his long-gestating free adaptation of Michel Faber’s novel Under the Skin, the result really was gasp-inducing: hilarious, disturbing, audacious. No less an A-lister than Scarlett Johansson plays an alien in human form who roams the streets and shopping malls of Glasgow. Perfectly genuine footage of real-life passersby is shown as the incognito Johansson impassively sizes up these earthlings for their calorific value. Then actors will step out of the crowd for their scenes with the great seducer. She takes them back to her place: a mysterious dark cavern in which, in an erotic trance, they submit to being imprisoned and farmed for their meat – and perhaps, who knows, for their very soul.
5. For example, taxi drivers who take a detour or refuse passengers can also be fined a maximum of 2,000 yuan.
6. 2014年至2016年期间,虽然全球增长数据不错,但全球温室气体排放量持平,所有人都为此欢欣鼓舞。问题是,其原因并非是所有人庆祝的全球经济效率提升,而仅仅是中国北方的经济增长放缓。随着这部分地区在2017年恢复了经济增长势头,二氧化碳排放量开始再次上升。


1. At the time of the third presidential debate in October both candidates churlishly refused to greet or bid farewell to the other in the custom of the handshake.
2. 该排名的编辑菲尔·巴蒂称:“在近几年取得重大进展之后,中国在全球排名榜上的持续增长似乎已经停滞。这些新数据显示,新兴力量要打入传统的全球名校阶层是多么困难。”
3. A $20 billion number would make any investor salivate, but when divided between buybacks and dividends, its pocket change compared to the share repurchase announcements other companies have made in 2014.
4. Ma Nan补充报道
5. 新年英文祝福语大全
6. Meanwhile producer prices fell 4.9 per cent year-on-year in February, as expected, compared to a 5.3 per cent fall in January. The drop was the smallest in eight months.


1. Consumers in many parts of the world have a preference for buying local which has helped boost the value of local brands.
2. vt. 妥协处理,危
3. AIG CEO Robert Benmosche will be voted CEO of the Year.
4. 女士们,大家都接到这样的警告,你将会如何回复呢?
5. Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi Corp, agreed, describing the win as a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.
6. 德文·韦德


1. 有7所商学院在过去一两年落榜后重新上榜。
2. 世界各国同意将地球升温控制在3.6华氏度以内,这需要在未来大约30年里,抑制温室气体排放,之后基本停止排放。科学家表示,如果在本世纪,排放量继续按照当前趋势发展,地球温度将比前工业化时代水平提高10华氏度,那将与人类文明当前的形式不再兼容。
3. 楼市终于出现反弹。S&P/Case-Shiller指数显示,2012年前九个月全国房价上涨7%。与此同时,住宅建筑业正在发力,给建筑工人、承包商和建筑商带来了更多工作机会。5月份以来建筑工作增加了2.9万个左右。券商Miller Tabak & Co.经济学家威尔金森(Andrew Wilkinson)指出,建筑市场的就业环境已经明显解冻。解冻的不只是建筑业。为装修住宅的美国人提供服务的零售企业也将需要招人。[qh]



  • 三四线空城待破解:某县政府年补贴九千万招商
    “绿色建材消费者保障工程”正式启动 消费者权益有保障
    2021-01-07 23:01:19
  • 政府建低价“团购房” 公务人员加价倒卖指标
    亿元索赔来袭 佛山照明麻烦不断
    2021-01-05 23:01:19
  • 门窗企业:互联网+新消费下 是“左兜放右兜”还是消费增量的重构
    2021-01-04 23:01:19
  • 10月房地产经理人信心指数微升 房企加大去化力度
    飞利浦首季净利断崖式下跌 照明业务或走拆分上市路
    2021-01-01 23:01:19
  • 家具新环保标准实行 最先倒下的会是谁?
    中部省份现逆城镇化 专家提醒:警惕热投资冷农民
    2021-01-10 23:01:19
  • 江苏2015涂料产值达1081.98亿元 超广东
    2021-01-07 23:01:19
  • 房屋租赁三宗难:收租金不如吃利息 房东税负重
    2021-01-05 23:01:19
  • 上市家居企业重心下移 行业进入中低速发展时期
    2021-01-12 23:01:19
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