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1. Although various public incentives exist, many come in the form of tax breaks, low-interest loans or rebates. So a building might have to levy an assessment or raise maintenance to cover initial costs. “You run into the problem of nobody giving you the money upfront,” Mr. Luxemburg said.
2. enterprise
3. 罗宾威格尔斯沃思(Robin Wigglesworth)
4. 8. A lovely flower doesn’t belong to the one who appreciates it, but to the dunghill it grows on. (“To stick a lovely flower in the dunghill” is a popular Chinese saying, normally used to describe the common social phenomenon of a pretty girl marrying an ugly but rich guy).
5. 2.《洛奇》
6. 5.高效决策者


1. 目前,微博上最红的10位网红共有4000万名粉丝。Papi酱是目前最火的网红之一,她已经签署了一份合同,视频广告费用达到了惊人的340万美金。
2. PwC, the accountancy firm that has been responsible for counting Oscars votes for 80 years and ensuring that the correct envelopes are handed to presenters, swiftly apologised to the films, the presenters and the audience for giving the prize announcement for the wrong category to Beatty and Dunaway.
3. Commodity-linked sectors have been especially hard hit in recent months. Mining-sector earnings tumbled 23 per cent last year. Oil and petrochemical refiners also saw profits slammed. Despite the fall in crude prices, many refiners remain subject to crude prices agreed to before the recent price drop, even as prices for their output fall.
4. 我国经济基本面好,商业银行资本充足率、拨备覆盖率比较高,可动用的工具和手段多。对守住不发生系统性金融风险的底线,大家有信心和底气、有能力和办法。
5. 虽然有17%的毕业生将创业列为同等最重要的原因,但他们中只有2%的人将此视为自己唯一主要的目标。然而,学员身上的创业精神明显在增强,超过四分之一的毕业生(26%)称在就读EMBA期间或毕业后创办了自己的企业。
6. 5.卡特彼勒


1. At a Senate committee hearing on extrajudicial executions in the Philippines, Ronald Dela Rosa said 712 people had been killed in police anti-narcotics operations since July 1, the day after Mr Duterte assumed the presidency, while 1,067 deaths were being investigated as drug-related vigilante killings.
2. Participants in the study were between the ages of 18 and 44 and were asked to run twice – with and without shoes. After completing their quick runs, researchers found that the heart rate and overall run speed of each participant had no effect on memory, but the presence of shoes or bare feet did. The researchers have hypothesized that the need to engage the mind while running barefoot to avoid pebbles or other impediments could have a positive impact on a persons ability to remember things. If youre an adventurous person, you might try taking a barefoot jog around the block before your next test or before you need to remember something important.
3. 大家咨询了社交媒体评估机构达奇斯集团(Dachis Group),问它哪些品牌最受消费者的喜爱,哪些品牌失去了大部分市场。
4. If you happen to be shy, sitting in the front row can be very uncomfortable at first, but I promise you, its one of the best ways to pay attention to everything being taught. You can hear better. You can see everything on the board without having to crane your neck around the head in front of you.
5. 当她向经理咨询的时候,凯说,当他们的员工开始不经常和他们讲话,无论是更新工作内容,询问意见还是仅仅打个招呼,他们中的许多人都能警觉地察觉到一些事情。正如凯总结地那样:“你开始不做那些你日常维持社交关系的事情了。”
6. 现在,大家来预测一下社交媒体领域在2014年将发生哪些事情。Snapchat会火起来吗?哪些烦人的“推广消息”(Promoted Tweets)会不会持续不断地入侵你的Twitter信息流?你的老板是否将终于学会如何使用Twitter?这五大趋势有望撼动社交网络世界,以及大家在2014年使用社交媒体的方式:


1. Consider:
2. But many foresee an economic collapse, arguing that a prolonged eurozone crisis coupled with a property bubble could render vast swaths of Chinese industry unprofitable. This would reveal hidden financial vulnerabilities and feed a downward spiral. Others believe that Beijing has ample resources to avoid a crisis, but argue that, with a growth model based on infrastructure and land sales, and with exchange and interest rates rigidly controlled, it may not have all the necessary tools at its disposal.
3. To ease womens concerns following the implementation of the two-child policy, the country should put in place more explicit regulations banning discrimination against women. These could include requiring companies to have a certain percentage of female employees, as well as tax cuts or other preferential measures to encourage employers to effectively implement the extended maternity leave regulation for female workers.
4. 今年,竞争最激烈的职位--中国民主同盟中央委员会接待处--有大约10000人参与竞争。
5. ment补,修-修改
6. An early iteration of Summly, called Trimit, was featured in Apples app store in July 2011 on a list of new and noteworthy offerings. There it was noticed by the influential Silicon Valley blog TechCrunch and quickly came to the attention of an investment group led by Li Ka-shing. When DAloisio was approached over email by Lis people at Horizons Ventures, he was only 15-and so far mostly managed to conceal that fact. Hed never met with anyone in the tech world face to face, and the information hed listed when he registered Trimit spoke only vaguely of a London technology company. It failed to mention that the companys management and technology teams-in fact, its entire workforce-consisted of a single kid in a suburban bedroom who wasnt yet old enough to drive.


1. Canada, the second largest country in the world in terms of landmass, ranks No. 2 overall. It takes top spots in Quality of Life and Best Countries for Education.
2. The Caixin-sponsored series is based on a much smaller sample of private companies than the official PMI reading, which focuses on larger state enterprises, and tends to be more volatile.
3. [?mendm?nt]



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