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1. 在接受《每日电讯报》采访时,玛蒂说:“我再也无法过上平凡人的生活了。因为大家很容易认出我来,甚至当我出去玩或是和朋友吃冰淇淋都能被路人认出来。”
2. "There are close to 70 French citizens or residents in France who have died in Syria and Iraq in the ranks of the terrorists," he added.
3. "Machines will be stronger and smarter than human beings, but they will never be wiser," he said, "because one things for sure: Wisdom, soul and heart are things that only human beings possess, and machines can never enjoy failure, success, friendship or love."
4. 欧盟外交政策高级代表费代丽卡?莫盖里尼(Federica Mogherini)和欧盟扩大事务专员约翰内斯?哈恩(Johannes Hahn)也表明立场,批评埃尔多安提议的宪法改革及其最近的言辞。
5. PBS Vietnam War series receives a special award.
6. cap容纳+acity表名词,“有…倾向”→容量;能力


1. adj. 现代风格的,流行的,潇洒的
2. Song “Chinese Zodiac” (Lee-Hom Wang)
3. Play up being smarter than everyone, develop some obvious insecurities. Forget social skills if you happen to have any.
4. 获奖者:加拿大总理贾斯廷·特鲁多
5. 为回应这起事件,借贷宝12月1日在其新浪微博上发表了一份公告,强调用裸照作抵押贷款是用户之间的私人交易,该企业无法加以管理。
6. Despite our global economy, only 20 percent of Americans speak another language. Sixty Vocab is aiming to change that with it’s online foreign language game. Based on the premise that 2000 words equals 60 percent of a foreign language, Sixty Vocab is aiming to make learning essential vocabulary fun. The games teach the words most commonly used in conversation and applies time-based discipline — the faster you guess the word, the more rapidly you move on to the next one. Bridging the gap between your high school classes and a pricey foreign language program, Sixty Vocab is offering a unique option for those who want to learn a foreign language during their morning coffee or commute.


1. The US electoral college has failed doubly.
2. At New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.
3. 10.Supersensitive Electronic Skin
4. Making Airbnb go away might not be so easy. A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 56 percent of the responders thought New Yorkers should be allowed to rent rooms out to strangers. “We don’t want to turn into hotels, but at the same time people want to rent out their apartments sometimes,” said Paul R. Gottsegen, the president of Halstead Management Company, which manages 250 residential properties in the city.
5. As we began 2017, the Warriors were in a rocky point with their upgraded super-team. Theyd lost to most of the other premier Western Conference teams, and just lost to the Cavaliers on Christmas. Maybe, just maybe, this super-team was mortal just like the 2016 team that looked invincible was. As it turns out, in a word, nope.
6. In contrast to last year when the vast majority of economists expected the ECB to launch full-scale quantitative easing, just under half of the 33 respondents thought the ECB would do nothing this year. The rest said the ECB would expand QE or cut interest rates, although some of those who expected more easing stressed that the central bank was unlikely to radically reshape its existing policy response.


1. The 43-year-old woman was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond and banned from owning animals.
2. 荷兰合作银行(Rabobank)大宗农产品市场主管斯特凡.沃热尔(Stefan Vogel)表示,中国是推动农产品市场的最引人注目的变数。
3. 埃马纽埃尔马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)会得到德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)对欧元区预算的承诺吗?
4. They are typically designed for students with an average age of 22.
5. 该书反映了部分群体越来越担忧自动化可能对就业——从制造业到专业服务领域的就业——产生的负面影响。该书英国版的副标题警告了“大规模失业的威胁”,美国版的副标题则预言了“一个失业的未来”。
6. Imports grew 3.1 per cent year-on-year in dollar terms to $168.6bn in December after growing a revised 4.7 per cent (previously 6.7 per cent) the previous month. That rate was roughly in line with a median forecast of 3 per cent growth.


1. The survey found the majority of grads, or 73.5 percent, have found jobs, while the number of students set to continue their studies in China accounted for just 6.3 percent, sharply down from 16.5 percent in 2016.
2. The Shanghai Composite is nursing a decline of 6.85 per cent, while the tech-focused Shenzhen Composite is down 8.19 per cent.
3. Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.



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