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1. 201012/122342.shtml
2. One fifth of the rich in the 500 list are from the information technology industry, and capital players are fading away from the list.
3. The second-best song that Shirley Bassey performed for the James Bond franchise is still one of the best. For a series that, on some level, has always been about wish fulfillment, listening to one of the great singers belt powerful notes about avarice seems just about right. So say what you will about the film (its not on many of the lists of James Bonds best), but Bassey had good material here and she knocked it out of the park.
4. 制定计划
5. The commerce ministry data showing plummeting real estate investment follows an overall 53 per cent rise last year to a record $33bn, according to separate data from JLL, a global realtor.
6. Nine provincial-level regions GDP exceeded 3 trillion yuan in 2016, three more than the year before. The number of provincial-level areas with GDP surpassing 1 trillion yuan in 2016 remained 25.


1. 曼诺拉·达吉斯
2. 《静待黎明》
3. Some 150,000 rural residents in southwest Chinas Tibet Autonomous Region escaped poverty last year, according to the Tibet Poverty Alleviation Office.
4. 你正在寻找其他工作
5. 6. 制定计划。
6. [?ltimit]


1. The United States ranks No. 7 overall. The country with the largest economy in the world is also considered the most powerful. It ranks No. 3 in Entrepreneurship and No. 3 in Cultural Influence, as well.
2. [r?b]
3. 纽约前市长迈克尔·R·布隆伯格(Michael R. Bloomberg)正在为抗击气候变化花费自己私人财产的数千万美金,他在一份声明中说,“全球气温稳步上升、如今破纪录地上升的问题,不是一个未来的问题。这是一个迫在眉睫的明显危险,对经济、健康、环境和地缘政治有重大的危害。”
4. 7.《风流医生俏护士》主演未与剧组签合同
5. 梅瑟威一场拳赛的要价可以高达7000万英镑,但是他去年的收入只排在榜单上位居第16位。去年梅瑟威的拳赛收入达到了2000万英镑,此外他的服装品牌TMT(The Money Team)也给他贡献了500万英镑。
6. On questions 10 and 11, if you circled 0, enter 4; if 1, enter 3; if 2, enter 2; if 3, enter 1; if 4, enter 0.


1. pro向前+duct引导,带来+ive→生产的;多产的
2. 据上周一发布的全球创新指数显示,中国成为首个跻身世界最具创新力经济体25强的中等收入国家。
3. His footballing rival Lionel Messi - who the 31-year-old beat to be crowned the World Player of the Year in January - was second on the list, taking home pound 56 million in 2015/16.
4. 沿海江苏省的无锡市以4.9%的环比涨幅连续第二个月处于首位。
5. 据中国互联网络信息中心发布的一份报告显示,截止2016年12月,中国网民数量已经达到了7.31亿人,这一数字差不多相当于整个欧洲的全部人口。
6. [sinsi?li]


1. Coordinated reform of medical services, medical insurance, and the medicine industry
2. Another indicator of bitcoin’s momentum is the number of mainstream businesses that accept it. In 2014, 微软 MSFT -0.84% , PayPal, Dell, and Dish Network DISH 2.24% , among many others, announced they would accept bitcoin as payment for a range of products. Those companies joined companies such as Target (which accepts Gyft, which can be purchased with bitcoin), Overstock.com, and WordPress. Even the publisher of Fortune, Time Inc. TIME -0.40% ,began accepting the cryptocurrency for magazine subscriptions. Yahoo YHOO -1.02% also added bitcoin to its Yahoo Finance tracking site last year, lending the currency additional legitimacy, and 谷歌 Finance GOOG -1.30% quickly followed suit. “Adoption of bitcoin is becoming more commonplace, and we feel it is relevant to our industry and to our users,” a Yahoo spokesperson told CoinDesk. Don’t be at all surprised if Yahoo soon goes even bigger on bitcoin—whether by acquiring a bitcoin startup or some other announcement—as part of CEO Marissa Mayer’s ongoing effort to make the stalling search giant more hip.
3. 该项目曾在2006年荣获亚军,并在2008年斩获冠军头衔。



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    More provinces are falling in situations where the pension fund cannot cover the expenditures. As one of six provinces with the problem last year, Heilongjiangs enterprises pension can only pay up to one month.

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    《剧集人生》(Episodes):映时频道的这部喜剧经常被忽视,它讲述的是两位被困在好莱坞的英国电视编剧在为马特·勒布朗(Matt LeBlanc)创作电视剧时遇到的困惑。勒布朗在剧中饰演他自己,演得很精彩。以娱乐业为背景的电视剧很少能保持最初的巧妙构思,但这部剧的第三季比前两季还要精彩。

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    n. (准备好演出的)节目,保留剧目,(计算机的)指令表

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    英国剑桥大学Judge商学院(Judge Business School)排名上升速度最快,今年上升19位,名列第29位,这得益于其在高管MBA排名中的出色表现(该学院今年首次参与此项排名)。华威商学院(Warwick Business School)重返榜单前20名(位列第19),该校去年未参加管理硕士排名。

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    Han emphasized that the risk of infection still remains because college students, who are sexually active, might have unprotected sex because they are susceptible to external influences.

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    However, some lawmakers already are discussing a standoff again in late February over raising the federal borrowing limit. You can never count on policy makers to not shoot themselves in the foot, Mr. Daco said.

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    What dangers does the Fed present to EMs today? One of the biggest risks, says Mr Koepke, is that it might “get behind the curve” and delay raising rates for too long. This would result not only in a surprisingly big hike when it came, but also a higher terminal interest rate than would otherwise be the case.

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    The Office for National Youth Campus Football said that China already had 13,381 "special football schools" as of 2016, and 69 counties are piloting programs for football in schools, the Xinhua News Agency reported.



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