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1. 日本北海道——尽管北海道最初因作为滑雪胜地而闻名于世,那里的雪花洁白而细腻;但也许很快它的全年美景就会更为外国游客所熟知,而新修建的自东京驶来的高速列车应该会起很大作用。
2. [ridikjul?s]
3. Landing a superstar like Cousins for pennies on the dollar wont singlehandedly help the Pelicans carve out a larger slice of the sports landscape in New Orleans, but its an excellent first step.
4. It is an acoustic guitar-led anthem and instant lighters-up classic, pivoting into punk-pop with Eagles of Death Metal on "Let Em Talk".
5. “为了让世界更好,我想到了一台革命性的净水器” GOOGLE引用了张天羽的原话,“它能够大量转化江河湖海里的污水,把它们变成安全卫生的净水。人和动物喝这种水,会活得更健康。”
6. For all of the acceptance speech kerfuffle when Gwyneth Paltrow won best actress for her role as Viola de Lesseps in John Madden’s 1998 film Shakespeare in Love, the Hollywood star has since said she keeps the award tucked away – “the thing freaks me out”.


1. 因此,他在福布斯的该榜单上排名下滑了220位,与其他19名富豪并列第544位。
2. Also downstairs, there’s an octagonal den with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, walls of glass and a built-in bench seat. The room is wired for surround sound. The three bedrooms are upstairs; all have lake views.
3. 许多经济学家认为,欧洲央行(ECB)不会在2016年加大其1.46万亿欧元资产购买计划的规模,尽管该行行长马里奥德拉吉(Mario Draghi)保证额外的货币政策刺激仍是选项。
4. the truly embarrassing press conference from Vlade Divac, the leaks of Vivek Ranadives lust for Buddy Hield, and the failure to sell off a host of spare veteran roster parts that theoretically could have been turned into picks.
5. 由于经济增长温和、社会快速老龄化,今年的涨幅较2016年的6.5%有所下降。
6. consistently


1. 之后,女孩回头并踮起脚尖轻轻亲吻了男子的脸颊,旁边的人群顿时高声欢呼起来。
2. Foss 还指出别人的推荐信有时间标记。如果你一周之内有五个新的赞那样看起来会很可疑,这些赞不像是真心的,好像你在刷好评,让别人说你好。
3. “有个员工把一块上面写着‘我不干了!’的砖头扔进企业窗户。”
4. 《大唐荣耀》于1月29日首播,在国内人气影评网站豆瓣上获得7分的评分(满分10分)。
5. Discipline watchdogs have also tightened management of Party and governmental officials so that the number of newly escaped fugitives dropped from 101 in 2014 to only four last year, CCDI figures show.
6. 5. 范冰冰 1700万美金


1. In the ranking of finance programmes for students already working in the industry, London Business School regains the top place it occupied between 2011 and 2015, while Judge Business School at Cambridge university drops back into second place.
2. Do your customers trust you? Do they know what you do with their data and are they happy with it? This will be a major issue not just for the N.S.A., 微软 and 谷歌. Nor will 谷歌 Glass be the only product to provoke debate. Trust reduces the cost of doing business and those who dont build relationships of trust with their partners, suppliers and customers will feel the pinch.
3. Horowitz admitted that while doing so he has had to work carefully to preserve 007s characters and attitude as created by the spy novel’s first author Ian Fleming, who died in 1964.
4. Carve out a place at home that is your study space. If youve got a family around you, make sure everyone understands that when youre in that space, youre not to be interrupted unless the house is on fire.
5. 上榜理由:探险之旅
6. One year after new measures were implemented, Shanghai saw a year-on-year increase of six times the number of permanent residence applications from foreigners and their families.


1. 不管个人观点如何,不可否认的是,现在存在着支撑和反对俄罗斯全球定位的两种观点:
2. For democrats, the outburst of such primal emotions is disturbing because they are so hard to contain.
3. It was there in Rossella Jardini’s Moschino, from the bows and bouffants of spring-summer 2009 to the Mary Quant-inspired spring 2013 collection.



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