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1. 同时,根据这一最新调查显示,2015年我国男女比例的差距也有所缩小。从性别构成看,男女人口性别比例已由2010年的105.2降至去年的105.02。
2. 4.Ask Questions
3. In 2011, at age 15, DAloisio closed a seed round of funding from Li Ka-shing. A year later, Summly launched, and within a month it had attracted 500,000 users and became the number-one news app in 28 countries. The Yahoo! sale capped off a remarkable run for someone not yet out of high school. But its not mere technological savvy that sets DAloisio apart. Since long before he could shave, he has been driven by an intense curiosity and a desire to make some sort of mark on the tech world. Not just to create but to build and, yes, to monetize.
4. 你可能从未想过一根皮带可以与人工智能相结合,但Belty做到了,并使它看起来很时尚。这个belty会让你不自觉就觉得,“为什么我需要这个?”然后你想可能会是,“如果是黑客入侵,他们把它系得很紧我不能呼吸该怎么办?”第一个问题是合理的;第二个问题有些牵强,但如果它让你三思而后买这个产品,这并不是一件坏事。
5. 《暮光之城》众星前照令人大跌眼镜
6. After years of filming its iconic fashion show in New York City, Victorias Secret has travelled to London, Paris, Cannes and Los Angeles, and for 2017 the global lingerie giant is heading to Shanghai.


1. Belgium
2. The government also needs to adopt the Internet Plus governance to ensure that government services will be more easily accessible for our people.
3. [?mnesti]
4. 报告指出,中国网游开发商自今年年初以来一直在考虑按照时间收费。在排名前十的网络游戏中,时间收费型网游占据了4个席位,其中两款是今年才开始商业化运营的新游戏,包括盛大互动娱乐有限企业(Shanda Interactive Entertainment)的主要新游戏《永恒之塔》(AION)。Cnzz.com说,转向时间收费模式更有可能给游戏带来公平和公正感,因为玩的最好的玩家将是那些花时间最多的人,而不是那些花钱最多的用户。
5. slew
6. 欧盟的美洲布局


1. 不管使用什么样的固有动力方式,所有这些引擎都利用最新的发动机技术,从而使性能和燃料经济最大化,其范围包括从福特嘉年华(Fiesta)的小型、高效1.0升涡轮增压三缸发动机到雪佛兰科尔维特Stingray已经被证明无可替代的巨大6.2升V8引擎。大家在本文的幻灯片里列出了《沃兹汽车》十大最佳引擎。
2. 在1月10日发表的一条推文中,奥巴马写道:“感谢你们为我做的一切。我最后一个请求和第一个一样。我请求你们不要相信我的而要相信你们自己的创造改变的能力。”
3. 更重要的是,这些发明在将来或许还能投入生产,造福人类。
4. 6. 米兰达·兰伯特(Miranda Lambert),《白金》(Platinum),RCA Nashville。兰伯特很快从坚强的新贵蜕变为光芒四射的乡村乐贵族,这张《白金》是她最好的专辑,她带着轻松的权威之感逾越了界限。专辑中伤感与世俗的情绪交替出现,修饰和粗粝的比例恰到好处,这张专辑让人们明白她有着强大的力量,向任何低估她实力的人发出挑战。
5. The ranking rates the best 100 programmes worldwide for working senior executives.
6. Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.


1. 金球奖的独特之处在于其同时设置影片和电视奖项。而当地时间周日的这场典礼更是前所未有地模糊了二者的界限,大大褒奖了电视领域这一年来的出众表现。现已剧终的热门电视剧集《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)今年首次拿下金球奖,赢得了当晚最热烈的欢呼声。该片荣获剧情类最佳系列剧集奖,片中演员布赖恩?克兰斯顿(Bryan Cranston)荣获剧情类系列剧最佳男演员。
2. Columbus Day became a U.S. holiday in 1971. It is generally observed by banks, state government offices, the Postal Service and federal agencies. The bond markets are closed for the holiday, but many businesses and stock exchanges remain open.
3. (Actually, JetBlue wasn’t the absolute worst airline for departure delays the last three holiday seasons. That crown went to Comair, a regional carrier for Delta Air Lines
4. “Even if you have made your peace with a Fed rate rise there are other reasons to be nervous,” said David Hauner, head of emerging markets at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who points to falling oil prices and the slowdown in China to illustrate why market volatility measured by the CBOE’s Vix index, a barometer of investor sentiment, has been elevated since August.
5. adj.
6. 当2017年开始的时候,勇士阵容已经坚如磐石,整体阵容再度升级。上个赛季伊始,勇士队输给了很多西部的竞争对手,还在圣诞大战中输给了骑士队。也许,也只是也许,这支超级球队还是会输球,即便它看起来和2016年那支球队一样不可战胜。但实际上,简单来说答案就一个字,不。


1. n. 全体船员,全体乘务员,(一组)工作人员
2. SIZE: 3,073 square feet
3. [娱乐时尚] Chanel,Now and Then 香奈儿的现在与



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  • 拉法基为渝量身定制新建材并为产品取中文名
    苹果智能家居平台推出临近 3家企业分享千亿市场
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    墙上挂50台空调 北京昌平天通苑公寓被责令整改
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  • 石材行业如何突破物流“瓶颈”
    三季度住宅租金冲高回落 整体租金相对上涨
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    Haruhiko Kuroday, the Japanese central bank governor said: “I think we can be cautiously optimistic about the global outlook.

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    The economy will grow 3% for the first time in 10 years

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    As a measure of that fall, 10 works have sold at auction for more than $100 million since 2004, and all of them were made by modern or contemporary artists in the past 120 years. Older paintings have seen their value, in relative terms, level off or decline. The trend was plain to see in recent weeks, as London’s auction houses tried to find buyers for their latest tranche of old masters. As has been the case in recent years, there were few works by major names.

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    Dachis says: Adidas added more than 34 million new fans and followers in just 12 months this year. The company put that audience to good use and benefited from high levels of positive discussion all year long.

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    Alfonso Cuaron won best director for the space odyssey Gravity, a world-wide hit and critical favorite. The film will likely join American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave as an Oscar front-runner on Thursday, when Academy Awards nominations are announced. (The academy honors technical categories that the Globes dont.)



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