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1. "It is very reassuring to learn that the government of China has set a target of 7.5 percent GDP growth while trying to keep inflation at a manageable level. It will not only maintain Chinas prosperity, but also help spur the regional and global economy, which Indonesia can benefit from."
2. (Actually, JetBlue wasn’t the absolute worst airline for departure delays the last three holiday seasons. That crown went to Comair, a regional carrier for Delta Air Lines
3. 其他国家的监管机构将以日本模式的成功或失败为借鉴。
4. According to a notice jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance, the average monthly payments for both enterprise and institution retirees will be increased by about 5.5% from the 2016 level.
5. May the season\s joy fill you all the year round.
6. Adapted from an online novel Queen of No.11 Agent, the TV series is about the adventure of a female slave Chu Qiao and her romance with a prince Yan Xun.


1. 库什纳回忆道,我当时被他深深折服了。他到资讯集团去见默多克时,我与他有了第一次接触,当时我被一同叫去提提意见。达洛伊西奥在会上描述了他想要实现的远景。他帮助默多克加深了对一些事物的见解。达洛伊西奥在台上的优异表现,加上背后李嘉诚的雄厚财力,为Summly招来了包括艾什顿?库奇(Ashton Kutcher)、小野洋子(Yoko Ono)、史蒂芬?弗莱(Stephen Fry)等许多人的捐赠。
2. Girls Trip
3. 这与上月制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)的表现相一致,PMI显示制造业活动有所扩张。
4. 雷文斯克罗夫特最终不再从事教学工作,他创办了Enabling Enterprise,这是一家寻求减轻学校和企业脱节现象的机构,它让学生走出教室,从事实践项目并实地探访包括瑞银(UBS)和富而德律所(Freshfields)在内的企业。
5. 日前,斯坦福大学商学院(Stanford Graduate School of Business)教授彼得o库迪斯基于这场荷兰危机共同撰写了一篇文章,围绕“个人经验(而非市场信息)决定乐观、悲观以及信贷的获得与否”这种不那么科学的方法给出了现代经验。
6. 去年,在报名参考的139万人中,只有93万人最终进入了考场。


1. 今年上榜的中国品牌有36个,其中8个进入前100名,包括国家电网(36)、中国工商银行(40)、Tencent(43)、央视(62)、海尔(76)、中国移动(79)、HUAWEI(81)和联想(90)。
2. The recession may be over, but the job market recovery is lagging way behind. And experts say the situation may get worse before it gets better.
3. 男性使用这个密码的几率是女性的2.8倍。
4. Total Program Cost: $98,906
5. 安汉德
6. CCTV reported Friday morning that teams would still try to lift the vessel.


1. 9. “The Big Short” Adam McKay plays it for comedy, but as he carpet-bombs the screen with laughs, he makes it clear that his take on the 2008 economic meltdown is a staggering American tragedy.
2. We will step up the development of public facilities in rural areas.
3. adj. 乐观的,乐观主义的
4. "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (MGM) today announced that the secured lenders voting in the Companys solicitation process have overwhelmingly approved its proposed plan of reorganization (Plan). MGM will now move expeditiously to implement that Plan, which will dramatically reduce its debt load and put the Company in a strong position to execute its business strategy. MGM is appreciative of the lenders support."
5. 圣加伦大学校友在毕业3年后的平均年薪增至10.2万美金,去年这个数字为9万美金。
6. Consider this: Will the experience enhance your knowledge and play to your strengths? Will it introduce you to new concepts and new people? (All great reasons to say yes!) Will it require you to develop new techniques for managing your team or working with more experienced people? Embrace this challenge and get out of your comfort zone.


1. 17. Most Complex Hurdle As of Dec. 7, seven out of 20 domestic top-grossing movies released this year had female-driven stories, according to the website Box Office Mojo. By contrast, five out of 20 female-driven stories topped the international market, which accounts for some 70 percent of the industry’s revenue. This may look bad, but the numbers appear marginally better than they have in recent years.
2. [ru:m?]
3. 库什纳回忆道,我当时被他深深折服了。他到资讯集团去见默多克时,我与他有了第一次接触,当时我被一同叫去提提意见。达洛伊西奥在会上描述了他想要实现的远景。他帮助默多克加深了对一些事物的见解。达洛伊西奥在台上的优异表现,加上背后李嘉诚的雄厚财力,为Summly招来了包括艾什顿?库奇(Ashton Kutcher)、小野洋子(Yoko Ono)、史蒂芬?弗莱(Stephen Fry)等许多人的捐赠。



  • 中共中央、国务院:编制多规合一的实用性村庄规划
    2021-01-12 04:30:55
  • 广州国有建设用地基准地价出炉
    江苏吴江推同工同酬、改善住房等举措 助农民工返岗
    2021-01-11 04:30:55
  • 自贸区红利吸引智能企业转移聚集
    2021-01-06 04:30:55
  • 深圳第一高楼1000吨阻尼器护航降低大楼30%摆幅
    各地楼市成交量冷热不均 二元分化格局或将加剧
    2020-12-30 04:30:55
  • 密集调控楼市的背后 看财经网红们怎么说?
    南京上半年新房成交量降五成 创近6年新低
    2021-01-11 04:30:55
  • 探讨家居行业能否靠B2C到C2B模式转变?
    旭辉牵手中骏 林中:优化资源配置 降低市场风险
    2021-01-04 04:30:55
  • 夯实基础 助企业角逐大家居千亿市场
    财政部加快发专项债进度 万亿地方债将四个月内发完
    2020-12-26 04:30:55
  • 品牌战略调整 索菲亚借势电商平民化
    2021-01-13 04:30:55
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    In early December, authorities announced that market circuit breakers would be introduced become effective from January 1 in an effort to limit the volatility seen during the savage, summer sell-off from June. The circuit breakers would see trading in shares, options and futures halted for 15 minutes if they fell by more than 5 per cent. On their first day of use, that first threshold was breached just after the return from the lunchbreak, prompting a 15-minute halt.

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    The University of St Gallen remains top overall, the seventh consecutive year that the Swiss school’s MA in Strategy and International Management has headed the ranking. HEC Paris stays in second place, a position it has held since 2014, while Spain’s IE Business School jumps four places to third.

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    "They are fairies. Can’t they do something else except falling in love?" another Douban user Amy said.

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    大师级别的老式、线性的动作影片拍摄,充满污秽、朋克、反乌托邦的澳大利亚式幽默。也是最近除玛格丽特·阿斯特伍德(Margaret Atwood)的小说之外,最好的生态-女权-社会主义作品。



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