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1. 这份报告还指出,中国现在共有594名以美金计的亿万富翁,这一数字超越了美国的535名,但是并没有一名中国富翁进入全球首富前20名。
2. 中国的创新表现有所改善,在"创新质量"方面排名第17,这是个考量高校水平、科学出版物数量和国际专利申请量的指标。
3. Coco
4. The biggest falls in brand values include oil and gas companies, still suffering from low commodity prices, and banks, which face growing competition from rival payment systems such as PayPal — whose brand value increased by 35 per cent (see story page 2).
5. The 5.5-percent increase this year is reasonable given a less anticipated consumer price index (CPI) as well as slower salary and GDP growth, said Jin Weigang, head of the social security research institute under the MOHRSS.
6. A shortage of qualified supply chain managers right now, especially in global companies that must coordinate far-flung operations, can be traced to two factors.


1. 玛丽亚里奥斯
2. Fund shareholders weren’t wasting any time reacting to this year of disappointment. Collectively, they’ve added just $35 billion to active stock-picking funds in the last 11 months, less than a quarter of the $162 billion they added in 2013, which was the first year of positive flows for the industry since 2007. This is not to say that they were sitting still. ETFs and passive index funds took in over $206 billion in net deposits through Thanksgiving, and Vanguard surpassed the $3 trillion mark sometime in late summer. Investors seem to have decided that they’d rather bet on the horses than the jockeys, after all.
3. 最近几个月,大宗商品相关行业受到的冲击尤为严重。采矿业全年利润下降23%。石油和石化炼制企业的利润也出现下滑。尽管油价下跌,但很多炼厂仍要接受在油价暴跌之前签订的协议价格,而它们的出厂价格在下跌。
4. 对于精打细算的旅客来说,尼泊尔一直是绝佳的好去处。无论是该地区的徒步路线还是南部地区的野外生物,在世界范围内都是赫赫有名。平均每人每天的旅行花费大概只在50美金左右。
5. 人不得不告慰自己,原来如此。
6. “…was asked ttell the interviewer a little about herself, and didn’t have anything tsay.”


1. 将学习放在最重要的位置
2. 2. LinkedIn. Brand love: 47% / Rank: 309
3. [mɑ:sk]
4. 加里奥德曼饰演了愤怒的温斯顿丘吉尔。
5. Falke的最终失利令人扼腕,但eBay的表现确实无可匹敌。我以为自己对eBay的爱将矢志不渝,因为鄙人全部的穿戴和家中物件均来自这家企业,而它却向《纽约时报》(the New York Times)表示:“大家热切希翼利用大家的平台,通过营造公平的竞争环境来造福数百万人。”
6. In fact, create a hard and fast rule to keep work and job searching separate. That means no sneaking out for a phone interview. No browsing job boards. No applying or networking with your work email address. "You dont watch porn at work, and you dont work on your résumé at work," Kay says. "You just dont."


1. n. 企业,事业,谋划,进取心
2. She enjoys it and we dont force her to do anything she doesnt want to do.
3. 与此同时,中国首富王健林等人士对中国国有企业在欧洲投资的事情表示担忧,声称它们缺乏国际管理标准。
4. China’s forex reserves — the world’s largest — have long been seen as the ultimate guarantor of financial stability, since they can be used to hedge against capital flight or to bail out domestic financial institutions struggling with a rise in bad debts.
5. 魔术队倒是可上可下,并且他们现在正在走下坡路。现在,阿龙-戈登和尼古拉-武切维奇被从板凳席上拉了出来并且马里奥-海佐尼亚被雪藏了。
6. 在2007年,苹果企业发布了第一款苹果手机:带有虚拟键盘的全触屏手机。对很多人来说,苹果取得了新突破,发明了新事物--他们制造了第一款触屏手机。但这种说法是错误的:苹果不是第一个制造触屏手机的企业,触屏也不是什么新发明。


1. vt. 插于,刺入,竖起<
2. On Monday the research team said the skeleton confirmed that the monarch had severe scoliosis, or twisting of the spine. It may have been painful and caused his right shoulder to appear higher than his left, but there was no evidence of the withered arm depicted in Shakespeares "Richard III".
3. 200912/93010.shtml



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