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1. 卢华东表示:“今年是西藏反贫困的重要时期,大家将根据不同情况和引起贫困的原因,继续制定政策和计划,并持续增加资金。”
2. 5. Caterpillar
3. It even featured in the March 19, 1870, issue of Scientific American magazine. Made by Thomas Luders from Olney, Illinois, and called a "pedespeed," the wheels then were much smaller, measuring around 36 centimeters (15 in) in diameter. Luders also said the skates could be used by anybody, irrespective of their physique. He himself was a large, heavy man, and he claimed he could use them for two straight hours without getting tired. Another version of wheel skates, appearing in 1923, had its tires on the inside of the foot rather than outside. (Other than the size of the wheels, the main improvement made by Chariot Skates is the small tire at the back of the bigger tire for increased stability.)
4. “现在关注‘星二代’、‘富二代’的比较多,但是‘农民工二代’更需要人们关注。”
5. 课程安排:每隔一个周末在芝加哥上课,共计大约18门课程,包括4门选修课。学员在芝加哥住校学习3周,在香港和伦敦分别学习1周。
6. Unlike most boy-band dudes going solo, he never sounds like hes sweating to get taken seriously – he never loses touch with the exuberance and swagger he brought to One Direction in the first place. So get used to this man – youll be hearing a lot more from him.


1. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinas migrant workers account for around 50 percent of the labor force in industrial and related sectors. Yet they dont enjoy equal rights as city dwellers because of household registration requirements.
2. But the struggle for white identity is not just a political problem; it is about the “deep story” of feeling stuck while others move forward.
3. 从校友达到目标的程度来说,伦敦商学院课程的排名一直领先。一位2010届MBA毕业生在回应英国《金融时报》的调查时表示:“凭借我找到的工作,我不仅实现了自己设定的目标,还超出了这些目标。”
4. 排名:第二
5. n. 慈爱,喜爱,感情,影响
6. adj. 确实的,保障的,有自信的 动词assure的过


1. The Martian was named best comedy or musical motion picture.
2. 约瑟夫?斯蒂格利茨(Joseph Stiglitz)等诺贝尔经济学奖得主、比尔?麦吉本(Bill McKibben)等环保活动人士、乔治?索罗斯(George Soros)及新经济思维研究所(Institute for New Economic Thinking)、阿尔?戈尔(Al Gore)和其他现代思想家全都提醒大家,传统经济学家(以及他们效力的银行、企业和政府机构)都已对坏的经济学理论成瘾,他们在破坏美国的未来。
3. Doing more to unleash the potential of domestic demand
4. 这部影片有实力冲击很多奖项,但很难领跑其中的任何一项。也许“甜茶”蒂莫西?柴勒梅德的表演是该片冲奥的最大可能。
5. 历史学家希翼解开有关理查三世的谜团,公开证据以反驳他杀害了两个年轻侄子的说法,重点关注他在位两年期间的成就,包括建立了保释制度和法律援助制度。
6. n. 代表,副手


1. Movie buffs will soon be able to celebrate with a visual feast at the Beijing International Film Festival, where nearly 500 high quality films will be shown.
2. The rest of the top 10 2016 highest-paid actresses are:
3. A New Year greeting to cheer you, my good friend.希翼新年祝福给你带来欢乐,我的好朋友。
4. Winners: Pelicans
5. [trit?bl]
6. "The longer people sit out of the job market, the harder its going to be for them to re-enter," Frederickson says.


1. Say this about Bank of America chief Brian Moynihan: He certainly knows how to talk the talk. In his letter to shareholders, Moynihan went out of his way to thank U.S. taxpayers for making $45 billion in TARP funds available. He also described how he is working closely with policy leaders on financial reform. Whether he can walk the walk - i.e., turn around BofAs fortunes - is another matter. While the company did repay its TARP loan in December, it is still sitting on billions of dollars of vulnerable residential and commercial mortgage debt - one reason the company spent 8,000 words discussing risk in its annual report.
2. He Fan, economist at Caixin, said:“This shows that the macro economy has moved further toward stable growth and the economic structure is improving. Future fiscal and monetary policies must be coordinated and large-scale stimulus should be avoided as much as possible.”
3. The lyrics are stupid, but who cares? Tom Jones sings like nobodys business, and pounds the theme to Thunderball out with a silky energy. Its powerful but alluring. This is the sort of song you imagine Bond would play on a jukebox when hes about to seduce you. There are better James Bond theme songs, but none from a male singer. Tom Jones and James Bond probably go out for dry martinis together all the time. Theyre the perfect pair.



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