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1. check
2. This frame lets you hang your hammock anywhere. You can use it on the water. Snow. On the road.
3. HOW MUCH: $1,975,000
4. traditional
5. The remains of the monarch -- depicted by William Shakespeare as a monstrous hunchback and often viewed as one of English historys greatest villains -- will now be solemnly reburied in the local cathedral.
6. The various mustaches were conceived by the designer Frances Hannon, who has built a number of facial hair styles for Bill Murray in Anderson films (“Rushmore,” “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”). Here, she asked many of the actors to grow out their facial hair so she would have the option to cut it in any shape she wanted.


1. "Well, I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America," the former secretary of state replied. "And 50 percent of America is women, right?"
2. The Shape of Water
3. 2. Wells Fargo
4. Developer: Frontier, 微软 Studios
5. 对于像费城、凤凰城和布鲁克林这样的烂队而言,另一个问题在于他们很难笼络到好的球队拼图。
6. And the public chose Callabro to be crowned this years winner, where they will take home a £250,000 cash prize and a spot at this years Royal Variety Performance.


1. openness
2. Despite the reported success of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges official visit to Canada back in September, timekeeping needs to be looked at for future trips.
3. With the momentum now back behind the 苹果 and anticipation growing for the Watch, Mr Cook seems to have won back the confidence of Apple employees, something that analysts say was obvious in his demeanour at this year’s product launches.
4. 走上一段旋转楼梯就是几间卧室。中间有一处阁楼式的书房俯瞰着中庭。主卧套间和配套的浴室内有几面玻璃墙可以观赏数英亩湿地的景色。这个套间通往该房屋临水一侧的一个阳光平台。另外两间卧室也带有配套的浴室。底层已全部装修,用作健身房,并带有一间无洗浴功能的卫生间和一间可停放几辆车的车库。
5. 6.当我看球赛时,禁止从电视前面经过,你最好是从地板上爬过去以免影响我看球。
6. 我预计真正的大戏将在2018年初展开。但这是唐纳德?川普的贸易世界。大家只有观看的份儿。


1. 下面就是今年汽车业所经历的高峰和低谷:
2. 偶尔关心他们一下,但也别太真情流露,收到?
3. Yes, you want to know how to do most of your job. But there are also things you want to be learning; otherwise you are not growing professionally. If you have stopped learning at work, its time to find a job where you will learn new skills and grow professionally.
4. As for the fortunes of the gig economy, the UK will be a key country to watch. The government is due to respond to an independent review into whether British law is keeping up with this new trend. Bold policy action — either in favour or against online labour platforms — now seems less likely given the fragility of the government and the time-consuming nature of Brexit.
5. 或许是作为回应,在2017年初,中国媒体监管机构在报道票房数据时悄然开始计入在线票务企业收取的服务费。
6. championship


1. [m?dist]
2. Chinas online retail volume is expected to outperform the rest of the world by reaching four trillion yuan (618 billion USdollars) this year, Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng said Sunday.
3. 大家希翼看到的亚太地区是一个稳定、有秩序的地区,是一个可以协商一致、达成原则的地区,是一个有能力管控分歧的地区,也是一个有智慧解决争端的地区。



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    The second-best song that Shirley Bassey performed for the James Bond franchise is still one of the best. For a series that, on some level, has always been about wish fulfillment, listening to one of the great singers belt powerful notes about avarice seems just about right. So say what you will about the film (its not on many of the lists of James Bonds best), but Bassey had good material here and she knocked it out of the park.

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    I have never ordered an ice bucket for my red wine. In fact, come to think of it, I have never ordered an ice bucket for white wine, Champagne or dessert wine.

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    持有40亿美金亚洲相关资产的美国投资机构Cohen & Steers的基金经理梁纬濂(William Leung)认同这一点。他主张,随着价格下跌,投机性投资将被驱逐出市场。他补充称,行业中另类投资热度上升的趋势应当意味着,即便基础资产的价值上涨得更慢,房地产投资信托的价格也会上升。“大家认为,这次调整的幅度将不会太大,”他说。

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    It is reported that Karl Lagerfeld, the artistic director for Chanel, died aged 85 in Paris, leaving the fashion world reeling at the loss of the man.

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    Among the top 50 IT tycoons, five were born in the 1980s, including 33-year-old Cheng Wei, chief executive officer of Didi Chuxing.

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    9.Carol and Susans Wedding in Friends

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    adj. 犯罪的,刑事的,违法的

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