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1. St Gallen outperforms other ranked schools thanks in part to strong scores for international criteria. More than 90 per cent of students and 80 per cent of faculty are from abroad. The school is also ranked second for both the international mobility of its students and their international exposure during the programme.
2. A Honda executive privately attributed much of its troubles on “bad luck,” as opposed to shoddy business practices or deliberate misbehavior on anyone’s part. Perhaps. The company’s leadership is certain to check, double-check and lock down its systems and processes to ensure the level sinks no lower on its reservoir of good will.
3. 不过邱佩特并不只是一只宠物猫,它只参与了两个广告的拍摄就在一年里独自挣得了230多万英镑,其中一个是为日本美容产品植村秀拍摄的,另一个则是为德国汽车企业沃克斯豪尔拍摄的。
4. 权且称之为“白”的危机。
5. When it’s time to buy a new car, you have 36 brands to choose from. Each automotive brand has something to offer, but not every brand is right for every buyer. Some brands excel at making performance cars, others focus on making family-friendly crossovers or specialize in luxury cars.
6. You know the old guy whos been at the company forever and still cant figure out email? If you dont get up to speed on social media in 2014, youll be that guy. Compared to last year, there are 13 times as many jobs advertised on Indeed.com that mention the use of social media. "We are seeing an increased demand for social savvy candidates across the business -- from human resources to product to customer service, " Amy Crow, Indeeds communication director told Quartz earlier this year. Not only are departments like marketing, sales, and customer service expected to be on Twitter (TWTR) and 脸书, teams as diverse as R&D, logistics, and HR are increasingly using internal networks like Yammer to streamline operations. Social media has grown so critical to the workplace, in fact, that major universities are beginning to offer certificate programs for socially inept corporate types to get up to speed.


1. “有个人给同事发了条短信说自己辞职了,并请她把这条短信转发给高管。”
2. 她的亲妹妹莱克西经常装扮成影片中艾丽莎的妹妹、安娜公主,和姐姐一起同台演出,当莱克西抽不出时间的时候,她的好朋友们也会来帮忙。
3. 雪莉·巴赛为007系列影片演唱了两首名曲,这是其中之一。从某种程度上来说,007系列影片一直讲述的是心愿达成的故事。观众在享受剧情的同时,耳旁听着最棒的歌手用强有力的声音唱着关于贪欲的歌词,真是恰到好处。所以无论你对这部影片抱有何种看法(尽管这不是007系列最佳影片之一),巴赛拥有上好的素材,创作了让人眼前一亮的歌曲。
4. 对于韩国部署萨德的决定,中国政府已经以越来越大的愤怒加以回应。尽管韩国坚称该系统旨在保护韩国免受朝鲜导弹的打击,中国却担心该技术会令这个美国的盟国查探中国的军事动向。
5. 单词enterprise 联想记忆:
6. 4.不推崇微化管理


1. In a working paper published on Tuesday, Robin Koepke, economist at the Institute of International Finance, an industry group, argues that investors, EM policymakers and the Fed itself have neglected the role of US interest rates in provoking currency, banking and debt crises in the emerging world.
2. 艾瑞咨询集团和中国最火的微博平台——新浪微博在上海的一个论坛上发布了该报道。该论坛由微博和通信巨头HUAWEI联合举办。
3. The cost of living the Australian dream has surged with Sydney and Melbourne among the five most expensive cities in the world, outstripping most European and US locations, according to an annual survey released on Monday.
4. Its corporate customers value the school’s flexibility and ability to innovate. “We have developed a programme which is co-delivered with an experimental learning provider,” commented one client responding to the FT survey. “Iese has been a true partner in this process and our business has benefited with an energised and prepared executive bench.”
5. At the center of the speculation is BlackBerry’s healthy intellectual property portfolio, 44,000 patents and still growing. Last October, for example, the company won at least 27 new ones—covering everything from conference-calling interfaces to touch screens to security features for wearable technologies such as smart watches, eyeglasses and fitness bands. Security continues to be BlackBerry’s biggest selling point with businesses. Just ask the 索尼 movie studio division, which “resorted” to outdated BlackBerrys to restart communications after its security breach last Thanksgiving.
6. 5.电子烟


1. Professor Ivarsflaten cited the U.K. Independence Party, whose official platform focused on Brexit but whose pitch to voters emphasized immigrants’ effects on the economy and culture, as an example of an effective hybrid populist pitch.
2. 对“最后的共同祖先”的认识发生了改观
3. The best of 2015
4. 单词criminal 联想记忆:
5. 这个belty运用现代科技追踪健康状况,水的摄入量,和动作,但你要花395美金,可能更值得买一个时尚的智能手表或运动手环。
6. 1."The Little Kicks" in Seinfeld Almost Didnt Happen


1. Belgium and Uruguay are two diminutive countries that have maximized their advantages through inclusiveness, and of which Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany -- the quartet of forerunners for this years title -- will rightly be wary. They, in the manner of Brazils indigenous mosquitos and scorpions, are a useful reminder that small can often be deadly.
2. 到了20世纪下半叶,随着歧视逐渐减少(比如在大学入学方面),白人的正式特权地位也在渐渐丧失。但是工资的增长、社会安全网的扩大以及新的受教育机会有助于弥补他们的损失。大多数成年白人都比父母更富裕、更成功,他们相信子女们会过得更好。
3. 如下是大家对中国2014年的10个预测



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  • 福州定制家具业年产值40亿
    家居业进入“上市爆发期” 业内质疑“为圈钱”
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    40年城镇人口增加6.4亿人 城市群重构中国经济版图
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    2021-01-14 03:41:56
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    2021-01-02 03:41:56
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    业界楼市回归理性 一二线城市渐入存量房时代
    2021-01-13 03:41:56
  • 广州红木市场空缺大 天河将现广州最大红木家具馆
    家居行业年底冲量 销售囤货两手抓
    2021-01-09 03:41:56
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    China is committed to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula, and resolving issues through dialogue and consultation. That is China’s consistent and clear-cut position.

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    Stanford’s alumni have the highest salary on average at $195,000 but overall the top 15 MBA programmes are closely matched in terms of income, career progress and satisfaction. All but one have average alumni salaries greater than $150,000, with a pay increase of about 100 per cent compared with their pre-MBA income.

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    Of the 200 nominated companies, 101 are privately-owned, while the rest are State-owned enterprises. The total value of these 200 listed brands has risen by 36 percent year-on-year to reach $696 billion, with the top 10 accounting for 46 percent of the total value.



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